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Is Your Marketing Slightly Better?

I have posted something similar to this on other home inspection sites.  I have been asked to tweak it a bit to apply better to real estate and post it here.

In business development, there are lots of keys, all under the heading of organization and marketing. Here is what we all should market:

1. Yourself - consistent contact with clients - or other agents, brokers, loan officers, home inspectors, etc. - personal contact during the sales process, monthly emails like newsletters, blogs, websites, mailings. The key word is consistent. Personal grooming and how you dress should NOT be underrated. How you speak generally and with clients is certainly NOT to be underrated. If your vocabulary lacks, work on it. If you use the words "like" or "um" or "you know" or "I mean" a lot, alter your phraseology.

2. Your company - as an agent, diversify your services. Make it known to your clients, other agents or brokers everything you do and demonstrate that you do them well. Real estate in general offers a wide array of service possibilities.Your company may have a reputation locally or nationally.  Make that a part of your marketing plan.

3. Your abilities - if you aren't learning and growing, you aren't learning and growing, and constantly falling behind those who are. This should be obvious. One of my favorite quotes, hanging in my office, is from Michelangelo, written when he was 87 (he died at 93), "I am still learning." If you aren't familiar with his bio you should be. And HE wanted to grow more. The real estate business is a GREAT way to develop abilities. A general education is important too. Education is useless if not shared. If you don't know how to do something, find someone who is good at it, learn from them, and work at it.

4. Your product and presentation - my opinion is that only about 30% of the real estate business is real estate knowledge. Another 30% would be your ability to communicate, educate and inform your clients during a sales or listing process. If you don't do that well, believe me, the clients and other agents will notice and it will get around their office tomorrow. Another 30% would be the quality and thoroughness of your record keeping - easy to understand yet comprehensive so someone else could step in if you get sick or go away for some reason - this is very, very important not only to the client but to YOU. The last 10% would be people skills, which are hard to teach.

5. Anything else that sets you aside from the pack.  My previous post, The Slight Edge Principle, should not be under rated. Tiger Woods has an average score that is less than 2 strokes ahead of #100 on the PGA Tour. Can you name #100? You may not have ever heard of him. ANYTHING slightly different about you can work to your favor and impress.

If you don't think marketing is important, there are 20 mountains in North America higher than Pike's Peak. How many can you name? As to organization, there are as many kinds of organizations as there are people. You need to start one or find one that complements you and who you are.  The old adage about a shoe fitting does not really apply in business.  Find the shoe you like, or cobble your own, and make sure it fits before you wear it!

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