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Yet Another Eagle Scout

I am very proud for one of "my" boys!  Tonight I had the opportunity to see another young man become an Eagle Scout.  Tonight's event was for David S.  I am always impressed with the humble simplicity of the event.  It represents the culmination of many years of effort, and learning, and discipline, and encouragement.  I am always impressed.  With all the turmoil experienced by youth today, it is a blessing to me to be able to witness another one who is less influenced by the ever-increasing pap and emptiness that some of today's youth think is important.  Many young people would consider what David has done to be useless pap and empty!  They have no idea!

Since the first Eagle Scout in 1912, almost 2 million have achieved the rank.  Only about 5% of all Boys Scouts achieve Eagle Scout.  It is quite an accomplishment.  Some of what they need to do is required, and some elective.  But all with the goal of creating a well-rounded, circumspect, dignified young man.  Robert Baden-Powell intended that to be the case, and had Luke 2: 52 as his model.  What a legacy Baden-Powell has wrought!

David is one of "my" boys, for many years now.  I have been involved with Scouting in one way or another for 47 years.  Currently I am a Venturer Coach (the older boys) and merit badge counselor (13 I think).  As leaders, we have had many, many boys reach the Eagle rank.  We think of each of them as "our" boys.  I think about them individually and collectively every day.  Sure it takes time.  But it is time well spent, very well spent.  I do not mind.  It rubs off and makes me better too!

Boiled down Scouting represents service.  It is a program that gives - it gives to those who participate and to society in general.  Some like to say that it is important that we all "give back."  I SO disagree.  We all need to give.  It is the cheats, thieves, rapists, murderers, scammers and selfish, mean, societal scum who need to give back.  Until it hurts.  Had they spent more time "doing a good turn daily" than trying to take something that wasn't theirs to take, their lives may have turned out differently.  We pay the price for their courses of action.  Eagle Scouts, on the other hand, give us a great deal.

At each Eagle ceremony I attend, I always make it a point to say to the recipient that he doesn't yet realize what this will mean to him in life.  This accomplishment will follow him all of his days.  I tell him not to be shy to put on a resume or job application that he is an Eagle Scout.  Think about it!  What employer would not want to hire someone who has striven to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent?

I am very proud for one of "my" boys...

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