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How To Change The Classic Linen Closet Into A Shower

How to change the classic linen closet into a shower.

Sure, we see that every day!  We have a storage room, with a powder room attached that services a finished family room.  A linen closet used to be the back wall of the powder room.

So, why not create a new "bedroom" from the storage room, and put a shower there, so we can sell the house with four bedrooms and three and a half full bathrooms!  The bedroom is 8'x8', so it's just right for a child.


First, we need to change the wall in the powder room so it's no longer a closet.  And open a new door into the "bedroom."

Since it's a private bedroom we won't need a swinging door there, just the one to the family room is fine.

Then we need to make a space big enough for one of those classic fiberglass shower stalls.  Be sure we put one in that will service the child that will certainly inhabit the new "bedroom!"  Adult size not needed.  All the new buyers will need is a shower curtain!

We'll take the old linen closet door and simply move it into the new "bedroom."


The laundry room is right there so we can tie into the washing machine drain for the shower.  We have to pick that shower up so a drain will fit, so how should we do that?  Two 90 degree elbows should do it.

Support is needed, so partially securing the stall with some 2x6 boards under there will give us structure and room for the drain.  We can stabilize the whole thing with gobs of foam!   Foam is load bearing, right?


We have to move the dryer vent, and the front hose tubing, even though that will put them over the shower ceiling and inaccessible in the future if someone should ever need to get to them.  Well, no matter.  Who will ever need to get to them?  Oh well, I don't care.   That won't be my problem anyway!


The "bedroom" is going to need a couple of those electrical plug things.

How about slopping one or two into the wall opposite the new shower, oh, about 3' high?

Yep, two should do it.  And look how nicely they fit into the new framing we did on that wall!


Some bookshelves jammed into the rest of the space on the front* wall and wham bam!  We have a bedroom with a full bath!

When I sell the house, just show me the money!

Well, let's all shout out - PERFECT!

My recommendation:  creativity will never cease.  Homeowners who work in construction will always be out there.  They don't need a permit for this stuff because they see it all done and KNOW what they're doing!  The parade of people who think they are adding value to a house will never end, just like clowns getting out of the car at the center ring at the circus!  And I will always have blog post fodder to prove that the aforementioned is true!  Well, all I can say is perfect!


The shelves are the front wall of the townhouse.  The receptacles are in the side wall that adjoins the neighbor's townhouse, so there is no junction box.  There is no window, no door to the bathroom, no smoke detector, and no ceiling light.  There is no light or fan for the shower.  There is no HVAC for the "bedroom."  That all might be to code somewhere, but not here.


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