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This Is New Construction - And You Call This Finish Work?

This is new construction - and you call this finish work?

There were so many problems on this house that within a couple of months the homeowners knew they had huge problems.  The builder is no where to be found.  Disappeared!  The phone answering machine is "full."  Nobody responds to emails - company or individual. 

Builder warranty?  A builder warranty is only as good as the promise to honor it.  This couple was told all along the way that they did not need a private home inspector as so many other inspections were being done daily by the builder "professionals" and county. 

They were told, "Home inspectors are not experts in anything.  Our people are all experts in each of their professions."

Alrighty then.

There are leaks coming in from many places on the siding, windows and roof.  The siding, James Hardie, was finished very unprofessionally.   The homeowners did not know about JH quality standards - what they call "GuildQuality," or the special training one really needs to install this material.

The balconies and roof are covered with a rubber membrane, which is a fine product if installed properly and not compromised by punctures and poor attachment.

Look at a couple of examples of what I call "finish work."  Understand that this is a small sample of the problems faced by these homeowners.

These are two different vents.  They exit at the wrong place on the wall.  The wrong caulking is used.  It is awful.  Holes and gaps are rife.  This is amateur work.

Penetrations through James Hardie siding must be done properly.

The electrical service line on the left is "waterproofed," and aside from ugly, uses the wrong materials and wrong technique.

The right photo is the actual attachment of a guardrail post on a balcony 25' high!  It is held in place with two finish nails!  And the post is nailed through the rubber membrane roof material.  Look at how the wood was finished!  This installation is only five months old.  Aside from amateur and wrong, this is stupid work.  It is nonsensical.  It is dangerous.

I could go on.  This is most disappointing.  And this house had ALL the county inspection approvals!

My recommendation:  home inspectors may be experts in somethings, but certainly not in every profession of work that goes into home construction.  But while that may be a true statement, it is specious at best.  "Specious means something that appears to have merit, but is actually wrong.  It is a statement that is intentionally attractive and misleading.  A home inspector who is diligent in learning his craft, and develops techniques, and has investigative tools, is a most VALUABLE asset to home buyers and homeowners, and is an EXPERT in his field.  Find a bull dog home inspector and see for yourself.



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