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Creating A New Series - Wrangle With Wrench

Meet Wrench.

He is a bit skewed.  You can probably see that.

He runs into problems, real problems.

He finds solutions to the problems, real solutions.

And Wrench will wrangle with each one and post the solution.

The wrenching problem could be something with furniture, an appliance, a tool, or whatever.

He might get thrown a wrench here and there.

He might wrangle with that wrench here and there.

But a solution to the problem will be in the post.

I hope you enjoy it.

So tune in.  I bet you won't tune out.  Wrench does not promise to increase your IQ, but he might show you something you did not know.

My recommendation:  when a wrench gets thrown into the works sometimes you have to deal with it.  Wrangle With Wrench will help deal with different problems.  He  might even ask you to submit a problem for which he might, just might, propose a solution.  Get ready to wrangle...

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Comment balloon 19 commentsJay Markanich • February 27 2015 03:30AM
Creating A New Series - Wrangle With Wrench
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