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I Saw Something Walking In. Might Mo Saw More.

I saw something walking in.  Mighty Mo saw more.

This is a close up. 

The kitchen counter has a wall that faces the dining room.

Just on the other side of this photo, along that wall, is the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

Looking inside the cabinet there is nothing to see.

After running the diswasher there was nothing to see.

Looking at the wall there was nothing to see.

But measuring the wall before and after running the dishwasher the moisture meter went up dramatically.  There was active moisture in the wall.

Surprise?  No.  There is staining there!  The buyers said the stain you see in the floor molding was not there when they looked at the house.

So I broke out Mighty Mo.

When I do that most buyers are amazed.  These were.   Some have heard I use a thermal camera, but not many understand what that means.

Most buyers have never heard of a thermal camera, have never seen one in use, have never seen a thermal image on a screen (I always have them behind me to see what Mighty Mo evaluates), and ALL  buyers appreciate the fact that I use a thermal camera.  I'll even take an image of their kids and send them.  They are suitable for framing!

In the image you can the obvious moisture!  It's even getting under the tile!  That purple spot is right behind the dishwasher.

My recommendation:  thermal cameras can evaluate many things in a home - roofs, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, insulation - and can even be used in a predictive way.  It is highly beneficial technology, and makes things very clear.  Thermal images are definitive.  Mighty Mo is the sharpest arrow in my inspection quiver of tools.



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I Saw Something Walking In. Might Mo Saw More.
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