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The Case For A Storm Door

The case for a storm door.

There is a front porch on this house that only partially protects the front door.  The front door is a beautiful wood assembly, replacing the original, metal door.  It is beautiful, but not efficient.

This is mid morning.  The temperature is 50F outdoors.  So it is not cold.  The pattern of sunlight rays can be seen on the front door, at an angle, high on the left and lower to the right.  The door is warm!

Singing with me now!  To the music of "Sunshine On My Shoulders"...

Sunshine on the front door makes an image,
Sunshine on the door can make it warm.
Sunshine in the image looks so lovely,
Sunshine makes Mighty Mo alarm.

If I had a front door I could give you,
It would be a door just like this one.
If I had a storm door I could give to you,
It would keep this door from being so warm.

If I had a tale that I could tell you,
I'd show you a thermal image to make you smile.
If I had a door that I could suggest to you,
I'd suggest a storm door all the while.

Sunshine on a wood door makes Mo happy,
Sunshine on a wood door makes Mo smile.
Sunshine on the front door looks so lovely,
Sunshine really makes my checkbook cry.

Imagine how hot this door gets in summer!

Imagine how much heat exits this door in winter!

Imagine how much energy flows in and out of just this one location in the house!

Storm doors keep energy in and energy out!  And they protect the front door from storms too!

I agree, wood doors are gorgeous!  But they are exceptionally inefficient.  There are beautiful storm doors that can be installed, even of wood, that would not detract entirely from the curb appeal of this newer assembly.  I suspect most people would prefer the wood door alone to a combination door and storm door, but that is an argument of form over function.

My recommendation:  when you install something permanent, form is very important!  But in the long run so is function!  So, think it out!  Research it out!  Then build it out!  And enjoy both form and function!



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