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What To Do About A Problem Before And After "Professional" Repair?

Answer this question - what do to about a problem before and after "professional" repair?

It doesn't matter what "the problem" is.

In this case "the problem" is a leaking EPDM roof.  This can be a very expensive repair as it not only involves the roofing surface but the structure underneath. 

My report, and photos, identified the problems.  It recommended professional evaluation and estimation for repair costs.

It also said that Firestone, the producer of EPDM roofing, has an approved list of contractors trained in EPDM evaluation and repair.  And not to trust a contractor that is not so approved.

Instead my clients got a copy of the receipt by a contractor who evaluated and repaired the roof for only $225.

They called me and asked me what I thought about that.  I did not know what to think, so I said I would have another look at the repairs.

Here are some before and after photos.  Only two.  There are more!










Notice the dates on the photos.  Nothing was done.  These photos both represent problems with EPDM that cause leaks.

Puddles all by themselves are a circumstance you should never see on an EPDM roof.

Not sure anything was done to correct what is causing them. 

What causes puddles?  A sagging under surface.

What causes a sagging under surface?  Rotting wood.

What causes the wood to rot?  Leaking.

I actually had to look around to see what "repairs" had been done to this roof.

And I finally found them.  There are two repairs.  Can you see them?

Excellent.  So that's all it took!  I don't know about you, but I'm not impressed with contractors who either don't know what to do (because they aren't approved for the repair they are asked to do) or do the minimum because they are asked to do that by the seller.

My recommendation:  just because the repair addendum asks that a certified professional do a repair, and provide a receipt, does not mean that the problem identified has been fixed.  It isn't a bad idea to have the home inspector return to examine things for a second time.  In fact, that might be your Best Practice!  That sometimes does, however, throw a wrench into the machinery!



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