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Just an email.  "I saw your dryer vent blog and I don't think I have what you say there."

This client, an elderly lady, has a townhouse built in 1972.  The dryer always vented through the roof.

The covers are wrong, however, on every townhouse.  They are all the low, square vents with slotted screening all around, made for bathroom exhaust fans. 

Not surprisingly, everyone was having clogging.  Cleaning those screened vents is difficult at best as they have to be removed from the roof.

So, proactively, my client decided to have a proper vent tube put in place and a proper cover put on the roof.  She saw one on my website blog.  I am not a fan of dryer vents through the roof for many reasons.  But in this house there is no choice.  It's an interior unit with no way to run the dryer through an exterior wall.

She hired a contractor to do it all, who said that not only did he connect new tubing, but installed a proper cover on the roof.  Of course she cannot go up there to check.

An electrician went to the attic to install wiring for a bedroom ceiling fan and noticed that the dryer vent wasn't connected.

You can see from the photo to the right that he did her no favors either, leaving a 2'x3' hole in the insulation which he never bothered to push back.  That is another story.

But that prompted her to have a closer look outside and it looked to her like the cover that used to be there was still there.  Finding my blog she called me.

Look at how this guy left her, and charged her for it!

Photos are pretty definitive in this case.  The left shows the vertical dryer vent tube highlighted by my flashlight.  Do you see any disturbance in the insulation around it?  The guy never even went over there.  The right photo is the vent location in the sheathing.  There has been no change there.  And the strap which used to hold the vent improperly in place is loose.

But where is the old vent tubing that was there at some point?

Left off to the side.  It looked placed there to me, propped out of the way.

Out of sight, out of mind.  There was no disturbance in the insulation over there either - he merely threw the tubing away.

And he charged her a pretty penny for this work!

Unscrupulous scammers like this need to be found out. 

I hear all the time where this or that successful person needs to "give back."  For me, it's the unscrupulous who need to give back - the hackers, identity thieves, thugs, burglars, petty criminals, scammers of all types - well, you name it.  They need to be found, prosecuted, and as a part of their punishment sentenced give back to the community until it hurts.

My recommendation:  if you don't think someone has done what you have paid them to do, call an independent home inspector!  He will assess what you want assessed and give you an objective opinion.  There might even be some photos thrown in for good measure!  And it you tell your contractor in advance of his work that you will have it reviewed by a professional home inspector before final payment, you might get better treatment as a result!  That would be your own Best Practice.



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