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"So, Where Are The Washing Machine Connections?"

I always look behind the washer and dryer to see the connections and don't like to say out loud, in front of the clients, "So, where are the washing machine connections?"

This is your typical washing machine connection to the left.  I hooked that up 15 years ago when we moved in.  This installation is a Best Practice.

You can see the hoses.  These are the braided metal hoses, considered very good.

You can see the drain line.  It goes into a hole in the wall where there is a dedicated drain pipe, with a trap, from which the water flows into a drain stack nearby.

The drain hose is connected to the supply hose with a little nylon strap to hold it in place in case there is a little kick back and it pops out of the wall.

This is all well done, and what you would want to see.

In a brand-new, remodeled laundry room recently I could see the hose connections into the back side of the washing machine.  But from there they disappeared behind a cabinet!

The cabinet surrounded the laundry tub.  I could not see behind it, but thought I might be able to see things from underneath it.

Squishing underneath and looking behind, this is what I saw.  The space was very confined, but I snapped a photo.

The washing machine hoses seem to somehow connect to the faucet on the laundry tub (I think).  There was a splitter later for both hot and cold.

From there the supply tubes disappear into the wall! 

Were there shut off valves anywhere?

If you need to turn anything off I could not see how.

And what appears to be the washing machine drain hose connects durectly into the wall as well!

At least it's wrapped nicely with pretty white tape.

Where it goes from this point is unknown.

Does the drain have a trap?  Is it the right size drain?  Does it work? 

So many questions!  I have to admit, I have never seen a supply or drain connection for a washing machine like this one!

My recommendation:  it really pays to try to see connections for the washer and dryer.  Peek over the top of the machines!  Have a look.  I like for my clients to see them too, when it's appropriate that they look.  And why not?  This might be the only time they take the time to see it!



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