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Accept My Recommendation: Don't Cook On This

If you see this in a flip, accept my recommendation:  don't cook on this.

This house was a disaster inside and out - it looked bad, it smelled bad, it was unclean, was full of trash inside and out, and generally beat up.  (It did have a wonderfully polite roof leak however...)

It was as if the seller simply bought the house, literally taped some rolled shingle material on top of the house, and put it on the market to sell at a "profit!"

He does say the kitchen is said to be "Fully Functional!" as if that is a feature or selling point. 

But, um, let's see.


This is the "functional" cook top.  The knobs are broken.  The elements are loose and broken and not resting flat.  They bounced up and down!  The pans are rusted.  And the wiring underneath is nothing shy of DANGEROUS.   Yes, that is high-amperage wiring!

Confession here!  Home inspectors go to houses to test stuff!


Are you kidding me?  I'm not sacrificing myself on this alter!  This first-born, male, fatted bullock will live to inspect houses another day.

To top it off, touching the tips of some of the breakers in the panel box would make lights in various rooms flicker on and off!  Just touching the tips!  I didn't even take the cover off the panel box!  No way ... remember the fatted bullock comment.

My recommendation:  people are attracted to houses with very low prices.  And this house was priced very low!  The inspection was conducted entirely in Spanish and I understood all the, um, adjectives my client threw out there!  I don't use those words myself, but I understood them.  He even came out with a few adjectives in English, some really good ones that I don't use in that language either!  Sometimes the house deserves all the adjectives it gets ... good or bad.



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