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Furnace Safety Switch

There is a key word in this phrase:  Furnace Safety Switch.


It is not a good practice, or a best practice, to fool with the furnace safety switch!

So, when I took the cover off this furnace and saw what the homeowners had done with the safety switch, I was concerned.

Do you see the device to the left of the star?  This is the safety switch.

It was taped in the "on" position!

The safety switch is just that! 

A safety switch!

Don't mess with this switch!


I see this from time to time.  I have seen them taped like this, or even glued!  If it is always in the "on" position, the blower is always on!  This is a dangerous practice!  The safety switch is there for a reason - it is there for protection.

When the cover is removed from the front of the furnace, and the blower is spinning, it is a dangerous mechanism.  It is moving quickly, made up of sharp spines, and can literally cut off finger tips.

The purpose of the safety switch is to shut off the blower when the cover is removed.  If the switch is operating, when it springs open the blower will be shut off.  If the blower mechanism is not spinning, it is not dangerous.

My recommendation:  before you do a repair or change to some appliance in the house, make sure you understand all of the component parts.  You could be opening yourself up to danger!  A home inspection can reveal all kinds of things on a house, some informational and some safety related.  Pay close attention to everything that is safety related!




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