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They Used The Old Plumbing Boots, To Boot

Metal roofs can last forever it seems, a century or more.  Even when they are old looking and rusty they are still sound.  A metal roof installation is truly a Best Practice.

But plumbing penetrations need new rubber collars, also called boots, as they dry out, crack, split and leak.

So when I saw the newer metal roof I also noticed they used the old plumbing boots, to boot. 

Taken from a window, this photo reveals an old, beat-up collar.  It is one of three.  Neither of the other two is so easily seen, but you have to assume they were installed with old boots just like this one.

But the photo also reveals something else.

The installation was, as they say, quick and dirty.

They cut a section of the seam to accommodate the base for the collar.

And glued the collar onto the roof.

And screwed the collar onto the roof.

And added caulking to seal the seam holes!

First, it's never a good idea to screw through a metal roof.  And caulking doesn't last forever.

But look what they used to screw the base on!

Drywall screws!

Well, of course.

What else should drywall screws be used for?


I'm surprised doctors don't have them in a leather pouch to screw bones and other medical paraphernalia back together.  Why not?

Break an ankle?  Drywall screws!
You need that weird helmet attached to keep your head still?  Drywall screws!
Can I secure that leg brace, sir?  No problem - I have drywall screws!

Metal roofs are great!  I love seeing them!  But I especially love it when the roofer does it right. 

And sure, I was very disappointed no duct tape was used in this installation.  Honestly, that would NOT have surprised me, but THAT would really have disappointed me, despite my sarcastic "joke" above.

My recommendation:  a metal roof is one of the best roofs out there for durability, protection and good looks.  But just like every construction material, there are special ways to do the little things.  And, as we know, when the little things are done right, you can usually count on the big things having also been done right.

And I refrained from a title that uses the word "booty!"  You should be proud...




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