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Once Every 44 Years!

My brother, Kenny, came to town on business for one night, so we got together and went to a baseball game!

The last time we had been to a baseball game together was the 1969 All Star Game held in Washington DC.

Count the years - that's once every 44 years!

At that game we had a very good time.  Our favorite player, Frank Howard, hit a home run!  It couldn't have gotten much better than that!

Outside the center field gate are three statues.  One is Frank Howard!

Attending Walter Johnson High School, we got our photo in front of his statue before the game!

It's interesting that we do not get together much.  But during the game we folded right back into how we were when we attended games as kids - really loud and obnoxious!

It's probably community law that we only be allowed to go to a game together once every 44 years!

During the game I took a photo of us with my camera.

You just can't go anywhere without some darn photo bomber getting into your moment!

I also simply couldn't resist taking a photo of our shoes.

Obviously I have a new pair of PF Flyers and my brother doesn't!

Oh well.

Is that one sibling rubbing it into the other?

Maybe.  BUT IT'S TRUE! 

So, we ate, we yelled and we had a good time!

Oh, the Nats won, 1-0!  Bryce Harper hit a triple and scored.  The Nats pitcher Zimmerman threw a one hitter!

Seldom do you see a 1-0 game!  Or win one!

We already have plans to go to another game ... in 2057!



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