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Can I Suggest A Sad Word With New Construction Inspections? Almost.

Can I suggest a sad word with new construction inspections?  Almost.

This builder was very upset with me following an inspection a couple of months ago.  And in particular regarding this roof.

The builder even went to the point of calling other professionals and companies to rebut my inspection report. 

What happened?  The builder ended up doing a whole lot of repairs they did not expect to have to do!  The builder was told by these various professionals that they were lucky that I informed them of these various problems, which would have risen up later to bite them badly.  And the builder was told by the manufacturer of the roof in the link above to replace ALL, yes that's ALL, of the roofs in the neighborhood with that particular covering!

So when I did a second house in the same neighborhood, called by buyers who had heard about me from their neighbors (one neighbor came out to tell me I was famous around there!), the builder was ready for me.

They had emailed me photos of various things they had "corrected" and that they had incorporated these changes into the house I was to inspect!  Wow, that's great!

And they had done a lot.  But some things lacked - nothing big, but can I use the word ALMOST?

Two gutters in the rear where no hole was cut to accommodate the downspouts!

So they both overflowed and splattered onto the ground beside the house.





The gutters on a side sun room draining behind the gutter and onto the siding.

That is a roofing installation issue.

Many broken, slit and cracked shingles.

And debris left all over the roof - broken shingle pieces, nails, mitered edges, etc.




Three large gaps where mice can get inside.

Beautiful master bathroom shower surround, but it was leaking in four different places.

Insulation advertised at 18" of depth.




Sizable separations at the abutted ends of the hardwood flooring, in many places!  Oh, don't forget the deep scratches!


Kind of hidden in a corner and hard to see without a ladder (this inspector breaks out the ladder and looks at hidden places), there was a drywall patch that was not finished.

There were more things.  And not really serious.

But everything noted on the report was something that bothered the buyers, or was not done correctly and coulda, shoulda been caught by the supervisor.

Everything was installation or finish work.  And it all should have been caught.

My recommendation:  this is a very expensive house.  It should be ready for a final inspection when it is "revealed" to the buyers!  Our inspection was a day before their final inspection with the builder.  They intend to forward the report, and photos, to the builder prior to that inspection and have these, and other things, added to a list of repairs to be done prior to settlement.  They deserve a house where they are not thinking, and saying, "almost."  Having to say that would be sad.



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