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Early last winter a client called me to do a thermal image on her bedroom cathedral ceiling.  It seems the room was really hot in summer and really cold in winter.

While it is hard to align thermal images, this is both sides of the cathedral ceiling at one end of the bedroom. 

The other side looks pretty similar.

For the purposes of this blog, cooler temperatures appear as lavender, blue and purple.  Warmer temperatures appear as orange and yellow.

I can select from many palettes, and I choose this one because it seems to be logical for me to not only understand, but use to instruct.

The problems you see in these images weren't the only problems we found, but these are common.

One of the most common complaints from people who live in houses with cathedral ceilings, particularly when they are on the upper level of a multi-level house, are temperature swings summer and winter. 

Often the multi-story houses suffer from stratification, where one level is dramatically warmer than the other(s) all year.

With my report and various images, my client hired an insulation contractor to come solve the problems.  That was the point after all!

She called me back, suspicious, because in her bedroom she felt little, if any, change.

She is not far away, so I just popped over there - no charge.  For this call, I was a friend and not an inspector.  My payment is usually a sweet hug, or cookies!

This is one example of what I found!

Compare this image to the one on the right above.  We have a near mirror image!  What was cold is now hot!  And the same duck pattern is in the image!

The duck pattern matches exactly!


The contractor did nothing.  Nothing that I could see anyway.

My client was grateful and, um, let's just say, FULL OF PURPOSE!

To quote B.A. from "The A Team" (80s TV show) - "I pity the fool!"

My recommendation:  the mental paradigm has not shifted yet such that the public, and even the Realtor world, understands the value of thermal imaging.  For years I have said that all home inspections would soon come with thermal imaging as an expected part of the inspection.  AND FOR YEARS I HAVE BEEN WRONG!  But, nonetheless, when you have a problem, call a thermographer!  And, again, as always, you'll find we are all really cute.



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