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Bug Zapper, Human Zapper

Consistency counts.  If you want to zap something, zap everything! 

Looking up into a back yard I noticed a bug zapper on a tree.  I don't see those very often, but they are fun!

They are electric so they have to be plugged in.

What they plug in to is important though.  And not dangerous!

Oh well.

Another day, another fun installation!

This outlet came from an unknown source.

It has a missing cover and a broken lower receptacle.

And it is dead.

Well, no wonder!  It's broken!  That cord is from the bug zapper just above.

It was not tied into the GFI outlet on the rear wall of the house. 

And there was nothing in the basement or shed it would have tied into.

So it's source is unknown.

It looks to me as though it might have been used even last summer!  Maybe it's on a switch.  So I looked.

Bummer I couldn't find it!  I LOVE the feeling when I get zapped.  It's a little like smelling salts - wake up call!

My recommendation:  sometimes yards, and trees, have hidden surprises.  Look around!  You might just trip over one, or get zapped!




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Comment balloon 27 commentsJay Markanich • February 28 2012 02:52AM
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