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Wonderful Media Room!

When I do new construction inspections, of course I check the house out for its features.  And this is a wonderful media room!

I arrived before the buyers for a pre-drywall inspection and looked around a bit.  I knew exactly what this room is to be!  It is huge, 16'x26', in the basement, with two levels and no windows.  Perfect.

Looking toward the seating area on the left, and from the seating area on the right, this is a great room!

Multiple whizbang speaker connections (seventeen) can be seen on the left, for speakers throughout the house, and the blue line is for the data and incoming stuff (looks like about a Cat-42!).  And the piéce de résistance is on the right - the projector location in the ceiling.  It can be seen also in the first photo on the left above.  Just about the center of the room.  They tell me that the projected image will be about 7'x10', directly onto special paint on the wall, and crystal clear.

I asked them if it could be my room to sleep in when I come visit.  Fair is fair.




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Wonderful Media Room!
When I do new construction inspections, of course I check the house out for its features. And this is a wonderful media room! I arrived before the buyers for a pre-drywall inspection and looked around a bit. I knew exactly what this room is… more
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