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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night - Really!

I have begun a few posts with that phrase, but last night it was a dark and stormy night - really!

It was so stormy the dog was upset all night, looking at the windows.  I had to let her out the basement door to relieve herself before bed, which is not the routine, but she ran out, quickly did her business, and ran back in!

This is the tree in our front yard about 11pm.

The wind gusts were said to be 65mph.

The tree was flapping so furiously that the camera could not pick it up. 

It did pick up rain drops as they flew by!

But everything is blurry!

Interestingly, about 2am, the wind completely stopped!  The rains continue even today, of course.

The cloud cover was so thick this morning that it did not really get light until 745am!

Walking around and looking quickly, we sustained no damage to the house! 

There is a lonely broken shingle laying on my deck, but looking at the roof I could not see where it came from.  I will wait until it isn't raining and look with the binoculars.

One oddity, the windows in my office dripped.  These windows face due north.  They have never leaked before, but also have never sustained such a sustained force of driving rain for so long a period of time.  The pots are still there.  Yes, home inspectors don't have fancy tools for capturing rain water - we use pots too!

Hopefully large enough to control the dripping, I did not realize that the driving winds would stop so these pots worked just great!

And you can see a couple of purple drippies over where the pots are located.  That's water!

So we made out okay, had power all night, and survived to tell the glorious tale!

Here is hoping all is well with any of you who experienced this and worse.

And, maybe, this won't happen again for a long time

And, further, maybe we have learned from this storm to teach us what we need to understand to be better prepared if it happens again! 

I know I was prepared.



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