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"The Inspector Broke The Dishwasher"

This was the text the agent who sold a house I recently inspected received just as we arrived to pick up the radon.

In full it was something like:  The inspector broke the dishwasher and because of that we aren't fixing anything on your addendum.

Yeah, right, the inspector broke the dishwasher, probably on purpose, and left it in a heap in the cabinet knowing that nobody would notice.

And to receive that message days after the inspection, and just as the listing agent knew we were arriving to pick up the radon is a bit much.

Not only is the dishwasher accusation phony baloney, but to "use" it as a reason not to fix addendum items smacks of more phoniness.

Here are my personal rules for home inspections:

1.  I never enter a house without an agent present.
2.  If the agent cannot make the time appointed for the inspection, and cannot send a replacement, I will reschedule the appointment.
3.  If the appointment cannot be rescheduled so an agent can be present, I will not do the inspection.

Why?  So sellers cannot reasonably accuse that I did this or that, or broke this or that.

Why?  Because I want the buyers, and agent, to shadow me throughout the inspection and watch what I do, and provide me that protection.

In this case the agent read me the message and texted back, "I watched him turn on the dishwasher.  That is all he did.  We all* saw it and he did not break the dishwasher."

That's pretty clear.  What if the agent had not been present?  That would have made it very difficult for me to absolve myself by proving a negative.  Can negatives be proved anyway?  How can I prove that I did NOT break the dishwasher?

Now, never mind the fact that the dishwasher was old; not properly attached to the counter top or cabinet and moved around on its own (incorrect); had a service line that came from the bottom of the cabinet, curled on the cabinet floor, and went straight up to the disposal (incorrect); and that the house had many, many problems created by a finished basement without a permit, numerous other amateur work, and a multiplicity of HOA violations for other things they did (unprofessional).


My recommendation:   Attend the home inspection.  Watch what the inspector does.  Be the "agent" of information if any problems arise.  And be a witness.  It might just help you in a circumstance or two!

The agent, two buyers, both buyers' parents and the agent's husband (who many of you probably know).


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