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It's Important To Treat Both Sides Of The Furnace Filter Issue

The furnace filter (why don't we call it the AC filter?) is a very important part of the HVAC system!  Don't minimize its importance!  And it's important to treat both sides of the furnace filter issue.

The filter does not really filter the air in the house.  Its intention is to filter the air before it gets to the furnace to keep it, and all the associated mechanisms, like the blower, clean.

In this house, just to the right of the unit, is one of the two return-air grills in the house. 

It was very clean!  Often they are caked with dust.

The air is drawn in through this return, mixed with the air from the upper-level return, and filtered before it gets to the unit.

How often once a month should you replace or clean your filter?

That's right, once a month!

So when I opened the cabinet to view the mechanism, imagine my wonder when I saw this.

It appeared to be another return!

Taking off this unfiltered cover I saw that it IS another return!

Why someone would want a return on THIS, THE OPPOSITE SIDE of the intended air filter?

I don't know because, well, because it sure would make the unit dusty!  Really, really dusty!

You have to know that if the intention here was to totally trash this unit over time, this installation was primo!

Good thing they went and spent the money to get one of the more expensive filters!

And you have to know, it is impressive to see an expensive furnace filter evenly coated on both sides!

That makes it doubly worth the money!

Nothing better.

Well, that's all.

Creativity and originality should be rewarded.

I'm not sure with what, in this case, but rewarded nonetheless!

And to think this filter was replaced just yesterday!

OK, that may have been a tease.

My recommendation:  people do things for reasons.  There must have been an intention attached to this installation.  Or it may simply be that the "installer" just didn't understand what he was doing.  Who knows, do you think that might be it?

But either way, get an inspection!  You never know what you might see.  Or, as in this case, not be able to see...




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