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Clogged Drain?

On a one-year inspection, of which I do many, I asked the clients as I always do to tell me what things they have noticed about the house that I might not be able to know otherwise during the inspection.

Some things you only know about because you live there.

Is this a clogged drain?

All year long the homeowners have told the builder that this front downspout, buried and invisible, spurts water out the top of the connection every time it rains.

Would I know that on a home inspection?  Not likely, unless it was raining!

Even with that information, the builder still put the final asphalt coat on the driveway.  Often driveways, and streets, are left for some time with the rough coat, waiting for construction, and heavy trucks, to stop running over the roads.

That time was apparently here for this house.  The builder dutifully put on the final, smoother asphalt coat.


I suppose the termination of this downspout was to connect underground to the street storm sewer.  That's where the water would end up anyway.

But the configuration of this house, driveway, yard and sidewalk, made it difficult to drain this rain water in such a way that it would be carried away from all of that, or re-infest the foundation.

So they buried the drain line.  They also left the very attractive, plastic bar code stickers on the plastic connectors.  Being plastic the stickers are hard to remove.  Not getting sunlight these are likely to stick around for a while!

So, what can be done?  Certainly a camera needs to be inserted at this end to see what is going on, whether the line is clogged or the termination is covered by the round, concrete sewer tubing!  And what if that's the case?  What do you think the builder will do?

In the meantime, this homeowner has Old Faithful, spurting every time it rains.  How wonderful...

My recommendation:  one-year warranty inspections are very important.  And they can find things that might be difficult to fix.  But it is important to work with the builder to get these things fixed, even at the "risk" of being a pest!




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