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"New Heat Pumps Only 2 Years Old!"

The good features of a home are often presented to prospective buyers.  I have found that sometimes people will put together a list for me too, so I can tell what's new and what's not.  I'm pretty good about determining that for myself, but people assume otherwise.

In this case there were two new heat pumps, both dated 2009, so they were installed about then, that were advertised.  That's good!

Until I saw them.  Actually I did not know where the second one was until I figured out it was jammed into a space behind another unit so tightly I couldn't fit back there to see it, saw where the filter was expected to be installed and removed, and to repair the little fellow the other unit would have to be completed disassembled first.  But I digress...

Remember, "New Heat Pumps Only 2 Years Old!"

You'll enjoy this. This kicked off the adventure.

There is a reason for this sticker.  It really protects the manufacturer, although it looks like an instruction.

A true heat pump professional would not need to read this sticker.

The inclination is for proper flow o' condensate.  The trap is so bacteria and fungal crud do not migrate back into the unit and infest the house.

This is what they installed!  That is a garden hose or auto radiator hose, I'm not sure which.  There is no trap.

This unit has been running for some time, on a hot and humid day.

Look at that glorious flow o' condensate!  There is a small drip if you look closely, on the bottom.  It's a gusher!

I took a photo trying to demonstrate the enormous quantity of water still inside the unit, unable to get out, but it didn't show much.  Bummer.  The bottom of the unit had water in it though and the rusty floor can be seen in the photo below.

Best of all, the unit is a full 8" from those studs!  Can the studs be removed?  I wouldn't, they support the staircase!

Believe it or not the other unit is behind that supply duct going into the concrete on the left!  It's jammed against that supply duct, the rear wall and is 8" or so from those studs on the left.

The filter slot on the right is so close to the wall that the only filter you can use is in the upper right photo.  It has to be scrunched up, folded into quarters, and slid inch by inch into the opening. 

Does it stay tightly and actually filter air?  No.

The unit on the left is the same, but the filter can only be installed with one hand, the left hand at that, and was similarly hanging loosely.

Overall, it's impressive to see "Two New Heat Pumps Only 2 Years Old!" slammed into an area of about 16 square feet.

I'm calling the Guinness Records people!

My recommendation:  sometimes information regarding a house is completely correct.  But you never know what you're going to get when you open a box of chocolates.  So, it's always best to call a home inspector to help you as you bite into them!  That way you'll know what you get!



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