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Incredible Deck Support

Walking around the back side of a house I looked to see some incredible support under the deck.  It is quite unusual to see such support as this!  I for one have never seen a steel beam under a deck.


It wasn't until I got to the other side of the deck that I was able to determine why it was there.

A thick electrical cable came from the house and was tacked under the deck, running into a circuit breaker box seen here.

The other side of the box there was an empty hole framed by a connector clamp.  Apparently a cable used to come out of that box to service something on the deck.

Any guess as to what it was?

I thought it was probably a hot tub.  The deck surface had been recently stained to hide any footprint of that former tub, but that is likely what was there.

Usually I see evidence of a former hot tub which had sagged its support nearly to the point of breaking the deck joists.  This was not the case!

Those posts are bolted into a concrete patio slab under the deck.  This structure isn't going anywhere easily!

My recommendation:  If you are going to put a hot tub anywhere on your property, but especially a deck, be sure there is sufficient support.  Hot tubs require a lot of support! 


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