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Maybe They Were Intended As Weep Holes

Weep holes - spots left intentionally to allow moisture or water to get out.  Masons leave weep holes in facade brick walls.  Window manufacturers leave weep holes at the bottom of storm windows.  Weep screeds are placed behind synthetic stucco to allow moisture to pass away.  Weep holes are good.

This Flipper must have seen the need to replace the door to this now very famous deck.

And maybe the new door should have some flashing to keep the water out.

He wrapped it over the ledger beam, which was carefully nailed (!) to the house.

He had to fold it over a little bit to make it fit under the molding on both sides.

And of course it needed to be nailed down!

Why not nail it through the top?  After all, the decking is in the way of nailing it anywhere else.

Additionally, he must not have had any galvanized nails, so he used drywall nails and one cute drywall screw!  They are already rusting, and will eventually react with the aluminum flashing and corrode (the galvanic series you know).  It won't take long for this to happen.

The other problem was that in the basement just under this the ceiling and walls registered over 30% moisture, and it hasn't rained in some time!  This is a serious problem!  I don't know about you, but I happen to know that water (and other stuff) flows downhill.  Maybe Flipper intended these as convenient weep holes for water coming off the door!  And because of the freshly painted walls and ceilings inside, intentionally painted with stain block, a buyer without a home inspector would never know how well these weep holes were working.  This would be just another of the many inheritances this Flipper would be conveying!

One favor:  PLEASE don't forward this post to Billy Jays!  He will see this, get his ideas, and immediately start hawking this flashing technique.  You know, Form Yer Flashing! or whatever.  All the "we can't do this all day," and "call now!" stuff.  Please don't let him in on this.  He will be on it in, well, in a flash.  Thanks...

My recommendation:  This obviously doesn't look right, and would not look right to you as you show this house to a client.  If it doesn't look right it isn't!  And it likely isn't the only disaster this flipped house has in store.  I would shy away!


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