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Recycled Granite Entry


Please accept this no-strings-attached invitation to visit a newly-found home on the market. 

As you enter this spacious lodging, personally designed and built by the current occupant, the extra-large front door will immediately introduce you to the recycled granite entry way floor.  This natural and local granite was collected, sorted and individually placed by the homeowner.  Not even mud in the entry way could come up through this ultra-tight, very thick granite floor!

Exploring the spacious interior, you will be delighted and pleased by the home's gentle flow from room to room.  It's intimate, traditional and dark decor will impress the pickiest of home lookers.  And its energy efficiency is unmatched!   Warm in winter, cool in summer, you are sure to be pleased!  Your monthly expenses will be quite minimal!  And with so many large rooms, this is a house that will not only comfortably handle the immediate family, but any extended family as well!  The neighbors are said to be friendly and keep to themselves.

A nearly camouflaged back door opens to southern exposure and an intimate, hidden garden.  As you exit this back door, your neighbors, or any unwanted visitors, will not even know you are there.  This privacy is especially true if you have to leave in a hurry.  Such seclusion is hard to find in this, or any, neighborhood!

As the current occupant is diurnal, the house is available for viewing during daylight hours only.  Please call for the address and directions!  When you arrive to the property, this special home is ... around back.  Check near the rear corner of the adjoining house, under the deck.

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Recycled Granite Entry
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