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Our Annual Trip To Redskins Park

You know the summer is half over when pro football goes to training camp and the Redskins open their practices to the fans.  This year our new coach, Mike Shanahan, has opened 20 practices for fan viewing!  That is many, many more than in past years.  The usual occurred.










My daughter, our photographer, took 47 pictures!  That number just happens to be the same as her heart throb Chris Cooley, of whom she took well over a dozen!  They won't all get posted here...










The quarterbacks had many drills.  The new kid, Donovan Something-Or-Other, was right in front of us.  And the new coach was too, but stayed well away from the crowd.  He seemed to want to think.

















The Holy Hat got 8 new autographs!  This is Reed Doughty signing my daughter's hat.  And while there are many uniforms to choose from, somehow the requisite visit is only made to the #47 shrine.  She is wearing the Holy Hat.  That hat has its own special place in our basement (along with the other Redskin paraphernalia) and never leaves, EXCEPT to make the annual migration.

She had so much fun!  She made a sign and Fox 5 News came up and interviewed her!  Her very bubbly two minute interview was edited down to about 3 seconds though.  When asked who her favorite Redskin is, she blurted, "CHRIS COOLEY, HE'S ONE OF MY FAVORITES!"  That's what made it on the air.  She was very excited to see herself on TV!  It was well worth taking a day off.

Here is the news feed that we appeared in.  It has a couple of seconds of my daughter loving Chris Cooley and then a couple of seconds of us together holding the sign she made.

This is the feed:  http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/sports/redskins-fans-optimistic-as-training-camp-arrives-072910

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Our Annual Trip To Redskins Park
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