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Real Solar Power

This was the only townhouse in the development that had an extension on all three floors.  This extenson really makes the house.  It adds three great rooms, all 12x14'.  And it makes the house appear big because it is so deep and the extra windows add lots of light.

However, given the situation of the house to the sun, it is obvious that during certain months the sun's height in the sky produces reflected heat off a window.

This solar effect probably only happens between early May and late July.  But it happens.

Notice how the pattern expands a bit as it moves down the wall. 

Maybe the screen diffuses the light, and therefore the heat energy, spreading it a bit.

Or perhaps the lower end gets more light reflection, and therefore more heat, as the sun moves across the sky.

Either way, what is the fix for this?  This house is nine years old.  Should my client replace this siding tomorrow, in a few years, likely, this melting will return.  What you see here might have happened the first year and this is as much siding as will melt.

I think she will live with it.

What do you call something like this?  Character?  Well, it is the only house on the block with this feature!

My recommendation:  Sometimes houses come with conditions that you cannot do anything about.  That's the sort of thing you just have to live with.

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