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It's Not A Bird, It's Not A Plane, It's ... Hammerman!

Well, I often have houses with lots of problems.  This particular house had many, many issues.  The report was very long.  But there were two things that stood out.

In 2004 someone decided to put in a new oil-burning heating system.  They selected a nice new system, very efficient.  Very nice!

They also selected a big tank.

No running out of oil just when you don't want to run out of oil!

And this tank was big, and a beaut!

Unfortunately, the only place they could put it was between the rear screened porch and the rear stairs.  No where else would work.

And it didn't fit.

So the HVAC installer made it fit.

He hammered the rear stairs.


While I thought it unusual, I didn't think it was a pattern.

Until I got inside!

When I saw this I knew it was a pattern!  The unit was fitted into the only place in the small basement room that it really could be.

Big problem.  Where would it vent?

There was an interior corner of the foundation wall right in the way. 

So, true to form, out came the hammer!

The corner was removed!  See the fill dirt behind the vent?  I laughed out loud!

And the beam on the right resting on what is remaining of the foundation wall?  Well, that wasn't so funny.

That is a major support beam!

Time for the engineer to stop by!

My client asked me what we were dealing with here.

I said, "I think this is the work of ... Hammerman!"







Hammerman will make it work!  Never mind the foundation.  Never mind where the vent runs through the house.  We will make it work! 

This guy was good...




My recommendation:  Don't forget to call a home inspector!

This house had lots of interesting problems, some as interesting

as the one above.  It was a big WOW!         Good thing they called this guy:

Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC  

Based in Bristow, serving all of Northern Virginia.

Office (703) 330-6388   Cell (703) 585-7560


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