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Q.U.I.L.T. ing

Look at your roof.  Now, are you really satisfied?  Do you have the proudest roof in YOUR neighborhood?  Or is it less desirable?  Are the shingles curling?  Or rough?  Are some missing?  Or are they just not what you expect in this spot or that?

If not, what could you do about it anyway?  Call a roofer?  Sure, and take out a home loan!

How would you like to spruce that roof up by yourself!? What if it was as easy a wrapping a warm security blanket over your house?

Hi, Billy Jays here!  It's time to introduce you to Q.U.I.L.T. ing!


Q. uadrate

U. ntil

I. t

L. ooks

T. errific!


It's quick!

It's easy!

It's long lasting!

And you can add to it time and time again!  If you see a spot you don't like, just break out another roll!

For just $4.44 a roll you can buy just one, or a dozen!  You decide what you need!  If you want, we will conveniently break your order into seven easy payments of $1.11! 

Select your color from our professional pallet to blend the rolls right in!  Then, just climb onto your roof and start Q.U.I.L.T. ing! Climb down, look up and see the results of your work!  Your neighbors will probably stop by to ask you about what you have done.  Imagine how proud you will be as you tell them you did it yourself!

Each roll is shipped direct to your door with its own can of tar that you can use to glue it down and create a lovely seam, just like a quilt!  And the kit will come with two different spatulas so you can make those seams as wide or as narrow as you want!  A convenient instruction manual will offer design suggestions.  Your can roll out your new Q.U.IL.T. in any pattern you want!  You decide!  You're the boss!

So call now!  Our polite and knowledgeable phone consultants are standing by!

But wait!  If you call now, because we can't do this all day, I will throw in a second can of tar that you can use to seal around the gutter or chimney!  Use it however you want!  It's yours for free!

Soon you'll be saying, "I can Q.U.I.L.T. too!"

So call now!


My recommendation:  Or call a roofer.  They might be able to help too...



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Q. U. I. L. T. ing
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