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So, What Can You Do Now?

On new construction, there are things going in that I would not know.  For example, which rooms should have ceiling fan locations?  Is cable TV to be put over the kitchen counter?  How many basement windows should there be?

In this house, after the foundation wall poured, my client noticed that the foundation walls had only five windows put into the foundation.  The plans called for six.  Not only six, but, looking at the plans, they were symmetrically arranged around the house, two on each side and rear, and spaced equally apart.

I didn't know about this five or six window mistake, of course, when we went into the basement.  It was explained later.  But...

Looking at this window, I said, "Why did they do that?"

"What?" my client asked.

"One day you will finish the basement.  When you do a bulkhead will have to be created around all those drain lines in the ceiling.  That is normal.

What isn't normal is that the bulkhead will have to extend outward to cover that drain trap, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW."

He hadn't noticed.  And he had been there many times.

What you cannot see in this photo is how close that trap is to the window!  About 10"!  So, when the bulkhead is framed and drywalled, not only will it cover up about a quarter of the window's end, but it will only be about 4" away from the window!

How could this happen?  This is the above-mentioned sixth window!  It was cut in later.  It should have been cut on the OTHER SIDE of that steel beam.  That would have placed it symmetrically on that side wall, and opposite the other window in the basement!

I'm going to bet that the supervisor told the foundation cutters to put it in on the "left side" of the steel beam.  And from the outside, that window is on the LEFT side!  Outside it is only three feet or so above grade. 

If you were cutting a hole in a foundation wall, using a huge, powerful saw with a 20" diamond blade, would you cut it from the side that's three feet high, or seven feet high?

Yeah, me too.

Nothing like a little communication to make a project flow perfectly!


My recommendation:  Some things a pre-drywall inspection can catch, and others it can't.  But the client has some responsibility in the building process too!  Some things need to be checked along the way.

By the way, what do you want to bet that the plans were not taped to the sun room window?





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