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New Wave Siding

You probably like staring at ocean waves because they are so calming.  How about new wave siding! 

Reeeel perty, ain't it?

This is the result of an unprofessional installation.  This installer did not know what he was doing.  Three of the houses in this row look like this one.  I imagine the siding on all three was all installed by the same guy(s).

I call this work "7-11 Construction."  You simply cannot pick up "siding professionals" in the morning at 7-11 and expect quality work.  This kind of amateur work is the bane of this area.  It is why I find more problems on new construction than old.


This house is only 2 years old!

Vinyl siding can expand and contract almost 1/2" during the course of hot and cold days.  It is said that siding should be hung and not nailed.  Siding has slits along the top to give room for the nail to find a stud, yet still allow the siding to slide back and forth along the nail.  The trick is to leave the nail "proud" of the surface about 1/8 - 1/4".  If you nail it too hard, the vinyl cannot move as it needs to, and, obeying physics, it will be forced to move erratically as you see here.

This is a good quality siding.  What do you think accounts for the distinct 30 degree line from left to right?

I SEE WARPED SIDING LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME!!  It represents incredibly unprofessional and very amateur work.  It is typical of 7-11 construction.  It's one way you can tell a good builder from a bad one.  Good builders only employ qualified subcontractors.  Qualified subcontractors know what they are doing.  It is that simple.

My recommendation:  Take a look at any vinyl siding.  See if you can detect any anomalies in how it hangs or fits together one piece to another.  Make sure it isn't "New Wave Siding..."





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