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A Decorator's Touch

Well, you just don't see this every day.

I know I don't.

So what do you do when your shower tiles are coming loose and water is leaking behind?

How about some vinyl wallpaper?

It's waterproof, stylish and easy to install.

And, let the decorator in you come out!  Pick something that compliments the personality of your home, or what's on sale at the local discount store.  And add a splash of color! 

You can't go wrong with lavender.

These shower tiles are literally held in place by that wallpaper!  There are spots where they are loose and if you push on them they crunch.

What you cannot see in this photo is the steady stream of water coming out of that designer shower head. And it's splattering all over the hardwood flooring.

This is a bathroom created out of what I think used to be a laundry room.  It's so hard to tell these days where things used to be in relation to what is there now.

People are getting so creative.  It's really hard to tell.

To top it off, this "bathroom" did not have a vent fan. 

I cringe to think what is going on inside the walls.  The corner to the left of this photo abuts a "bedroom" behind (I say bedroom because the wall between it and the family room is a vertical mattress and a curtain which, lately, seems to define a bedroom).  The one real wall of that bedroom is demonstrating a growth that looks suspiciously like black mold, possibly stachybotrous.  That was hard to tell too - there were so many different black colors.  And a LOT of growth.

My recommendation:  When you see something you don't see every day, stop, enjoy the moment, and relish the idea that your horizon may have been expanded.  But don't smell the roses too much - there may be mold in the air.

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