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My Weirdest Inspection Ever - Can You Top This?

Recently I was asked about the weirdest inspection I have ever done. That was an easy one!

Years ago I pulled up to a very well maintained property. Not much unusual at first glance – white siding, black roof, black shutters, window and door trim. As is my custom, I looked at the outside and met my clients when they arrived to walk around again with them. It was time to go inside.

The Realtor opened the door and everyone invited me to go first. I wondered about the nervous giggling behind me. They wanted to see my reaction.

The door opened to the living room. The carpet and ceiling were black. The walls and the furniture were all white. The pictures on the walls were all framed in black, containing black and white photos and art. I turned around to laughter. The look on my face must have telegraphed volumes! What is this?!

I proceeded into the dining room. It was opposite the living room – the carpet and ceiling were white. And the walls and furniture were black. The pictures on the walls were framed in white, and again, with all black and white photos and art. The plates and such in the black cabinet were white, as was the bowl in the center of the black table. The “fruit” in the bowl was black and white.

I am not kidding

The hallway off the other side of the living room was opposite the living room scheme. The bedrooms off the hall were opposite the hall. All the black and white carpets abutted perfectly. Door frames were opposite the walls, bedroom furniture opposite the carpets. I probably don’t need to mention the colors of the clothing in the closets…

The whole house followed like this! Curtains and blinds were appropriate for the room, black or white, even with patterns.  Pillows and throws the same - opposites of what they accented.  Everything was very coordinated.

There were two bathrooms. The hall bath had white floor and fixtures, with the black wall tile, all opposite the hallway outside. The master bath was opposite the other bathroom and the master bedroom, with black floor and fixtures and white wall tile. The floors in both were black and white tile checkerboards.

The kitchen was very interesting! It had a black floor and black ceiling (opposite the adjoining dining room) with white counters, cabinets, back splash and appliances. The small appliances on the counter were a mix of black and white.

The house was meticulously maintained, everywhere. There was very little to report on during the inspection. Any colors in the house, things such as brooms, books, tools, detergent boxes, cleanser bottles, etc, were behind closed doors or inside cabinets. No color met the eye. Anywhere.

The crowning finish was the two car garage! Exactly half was entirely painted white and the other half entirely painted black. There were black cabinets, shelves and pegboard on the white side, with the opposite on the black side. On the black side was parked a white car. The car on the white side was missing.

I am going to bet that car was not blue… but that is just me…

Everyone reading this has seen their share of, um, interesting décor. And quirkiness! Can you top this!?

My recommendation: Different strokes for different folks. Live and let live!



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