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"When We Sit Near Our Fireplace It's Really Cold Unless We Turn It On"

"When we sit near our fireplace it's really cold unless we turn it on."

You go to watch "the game" or a movie and sit down next to the fireplace.  And everyone needs a blanket!  That or the fireplace has to be turned on to feel comfortable.


Well, look at the fireplace in this thermal image.

Not only is there cold coming from the fireplace cavity, but the wall beside the fireplace.

So much here is poorly insulated. 

And on the other side of the fireplace the insulation looked the same way.

Had I done a pre-drywall inspection, and looked at the insulation then, or a final inspection just before closing, this would have been found at that time.

You can see the cold areas, and the cold radiating from the fireplace itself.

On a really frigid day this will be a really cold spot to sit down!

Are you cold while enjoying the movie?  Or need to drink hot chocolate during the game?  There's a reason!  AND THE REASON ALWAYS INVOLVES INSULATION.

My recommendation:  every year I get the "cold fireplace" phone calls.  And every year I can tell them over the phone the problem is due to the insulation near the fireplace!  But a thermal image is a real eye opener, and can EXACTLY demonstrate the problem for all to see!  My clients always thank Mighty Mo.  And I can tell you from personal experience that builders do not like seeing my thermal images!  One builder said to my face that home inspectors "should not be allowed to use thermal cameras."  Well, of course not!  Look what they can reveal!  Never mind wanting to turn a good product over to the consumer.  Why should someone have a comfortable house, anyway?  For a builder to say that is unconscionable.  Call  a home inspector with a thermal camera!  The cameras are worth their weight in gold.



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