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Missing Hurricane Straps

Missing hurricane straps.

Hurricane straps?  What is a hurricane strap?

Hurricane straps are a half-twist metal plate with holes which allow a roof rafter to be nailed to the framing below.

Years ago I wrote a blog post regarding hurricane straps and their use published at ActiveRain, which you can read here.

Inspecting a home recently, pre-drywall, I noticed that the hurricane straps were missing completely.

Even though I was not sure the county had seen and/or approved the framing in this house it was my job to instruct my clients about what hurricane straps are, and why they should be present in that house.

Newer codes require that every roof rafter should be secured to the framing with a hurricane strap.

This better secures the roof structure to the house structure.  Before such straps toe nailing was used, which of course was not, and is not, effective.

Why these straps would be missing on a house supposedly ready for a pre-drywall inspection is unknown.  Typically at the point I am asked to look at the house it is county approved and ready for drywall.  This house was not.  But it's a very easy fix!

My recommendation:  pre-drywall inspections are as important to the building process as any inspection.  It is the only time the house can be seen in a skeletal state and before mistakes and sins are covered with drywall!  As a Certified Construction Inspector I have been doing pre-drywall inspections for decades, and this is despite the builder's usual claim that they are unnecessary as there are "so many other inspections" on a house.  A private pre-drywall home inspection is essential! 



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