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Where's The HVAC Floor Register In The Closet?

Where's the HVAC floor register in the closet?

This is new construction!  Walking into the spacious master bedroom closet (almost 300 square feet) which had a wall on the exterior of the house, I looked for and did not see the floor register.

There has to be at least one.

So how can we find out if one is actually there? 

I don't have X-ray vision, so how would that be possible?

Mighty Mo would know!

A quick scan of the room showed EXACTLY where the register should have been.  I don't need no stinkin' X-ray vision.  I have Mighty Mo!

The intended duct underneath was servicing the room, blowing hot air against the underside of the hardwood flooring.  The duct runs vertically up to the wall on the right, and turns into the closet.  Its path can be clearly seen in this thermal image.

The flooring contractor did not work around to accommodate where the duct is located, or did not mark the location to cut into the flooring later.

Now, remember, this is new construction.  The builder tells buyers that they don't need a private home inspection as the county does multiple inspections and there is a supervisor on site every day.  Why
"waste money" on a private home inspection?


Interestingly, the next door neighbors bought into the builder's line and closed on the home without a home inspection and have experienced many problems.  Not surprisingly, my client is going to tell them to have me follow up and see what I can figure out.  Smart is smart.

My recommendation:  you never know what will show up during a new construction inspection!  And this is the sort of thing that comes up from time to time.  This is NOT my first such post!  Once a builder said to my face that home inspectors should not be "allowed" to used thermal cameras!  That was after I found two walls and a bedroom ceiling that were devoid of insulation.  I think a flooring contractor will be returning to this house in the near future...  Busted!


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