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"Insulation To Be Evaluated And Improved By A Licensed Contractor"

The addendum list of requested repairs said, "Insulation to be evaluated and improved by a licensed contractor."

In the previous years this homeowner had done many home improvements with less-than-stellar results.  At the inspection I said it was my opinion that the homeowners really thought they had been left with work that was well done.  During our home inspection one of the problems was the insulation, which was missing in some areas and insufficient in many others.

For example, this was the area seen over the remodeled bathroom.  It was devoid of insulation.

Some insulation previously there was piled to the side.

And the rest was simply swept away, removed in favor of doing work in the ceiling.

Nothing had been replaced.

For a contractor to leave an area like this is unconscionable, but I see it all the time.

My client wanted proper insulation over the area, of course, and it was requested here and in other areas of the attic.

This is what the "professional" and "licensed contractor" did as a repair.     --------------------------->

One batt of insulation was put back into place in a sloppy way as seen on the right.

Toward the rear, unbelievably, other older batt insulation had been TORN IN HALF and haphazardly laid around the vent fan.  The phrase half-assed at best comes to mind.  This is what I felt inside my head -- !!!!

And on the lower edge of the photo loose fill from elsewhere was robbed and somewhat, with emphasis on the word somewhat,  sprinkled over the area there.  That leaves two areas with poor insulation.

The unprofessional, hand-written invoice said, "New installation put to be good."  That must be the new way to spell insulation.  My fourth grade teacher, Miss Summers, would crack his knuckles with a ruler for such grammar.

Would it be unfair to say, really?  Are you sure?

My recommendation:   seldom, but now and then, my clients have me back to review repairs made to houses subsequent to a home inspection.  This client did!  And I'm glad!  Some things on this addendum list were repaired alright, but other things were done very poorly, and a couple not at all, even with an invoice stating that the problem had been corrected.  Are we at the point where clients will need for the home inspector to do a follow-up inspection on "professional repairs?"  Is this your experience lately?



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