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This Was A Highly-Touted, And New, Hardwood Floor

This was a highly-touted, and new, hardwood floor.

And it looked great everywhere!  It was a very professional job.

Except in the powder room.

The toilet wobbled.  And there was a hefty and dark stain behind and beside the base of the toilet.

Since the floor was newly installed I had to think the toilet was poorly installed!

Looking at the moisture meter the tale is told.

A moisture content of 22% indicates active moisture migration from the toilet into the flooring.

If the hardwood flooring is that wet, imagine how wet, and probably rotting, the sub flooring is!  And as the sub floor rots it gets weaker, and the connection of the toilet to the floor is weakened as well.

Wood is considered saturated at 28%, so this wood is approaching saturation and it has not been there for a long time.

My recommendation:  when good money is spent on something like hardwood flooring installation, good money should also be spent on the right person to do the finish work, like resetting toilets!   Professionalism of contractors simply cannot be overstated.  If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait and see how expensive the cheap guy is in the end!  Hire good people!  Or pay a higher price later...



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This Was A Highly-Touted, And New, Hardwood Floor
This was a highly-touted, and new, hardwood floor. And it looked great everywhere! It was a very professional job. Except in the powder room. The toilet wobbled. And there was a hefty and dark stain behind and beside the base of the toilet. Since… more
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