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'Tis The Season For Carpenter Bee Infestation

'Tis the season for carpenter bee infestation.

This may be a problem where you live.  It certainly is here.

Carpenter bees!  They are what they sound like - they work on wood.

They carve holes and tunnels into wood surfaces, lay eggs, and keep going.

They seem to pick out a house, or an area of a house, and go at it.

If you see stains such as the one in the photo to the right, you have a carpenter bee infestation!

Just above that stain is a small, round hole in the wood, about the diameter of your pinky.

That is the entrance to the carpenter bee's lair, where eggs are laid, and food is deposited for when the eggs hatch.  When hatched the new carpenter bees go and do that voodoo they do so well.

They create more holes, lay more eggs, and, well, the cycle of life continues.

If you ever get to where you want to clean those stains, smell the rag.  It will smell like honey!

And I'm not kidding!

I have these carpenter bee posts from time to time.  In this one click here I tell how to eliminate them.

My recommendation:  spring is the best time to see the fresh carpenter bee stains.   But they will go at their work all summer long.  Carpenter bees do damage, so you might need to go at them all summer long too!  Keep a sharp eye out.  Carpenter bees look like bumble bees, but have a more pointed hind end.  And when they fly they will stop in mid air, looking at the house, or at you!  They don't sting, but still can be menacing when they come at you!  They seem to dive bomb humans for fun, but one has never landed on me!



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