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This Is A Poor Roofing Practice

This is a poor roofing practice.

And I see it all the time on new construction.  I'm not sure why it is done.  It isn't thinking ahead.

When roof trusses are lifted up to the roof they are done in large groups and a crane is used.

This is new construction, a large house, and had many trusses.

The trusses were apparently lifted up in four groups because I saw four loops left protruding the roof.

I saw this during the pre-drywall inspection.

Why is this a bad practice?

1.  It is never smart to leave things penetrating the roof.  The fewer the better.

2.  This loop, like the others on that roof, comes through a hole in the sheathing, the tar paper, and the shingles.  Even if they used caulking to "seal" it, that will not last long and this will leak.  Sometimes they lay the shingles on top of the loop and the cable lays flat on the roof.  Not here.

3.  Why create a hole in the roof?!  Now, if the loop is pulled back through the roof and this hole is not repaired properly surely it will leak.  Why create and leave that potential on the roof?

My recommendation:  any roof can leak at any time depending on the direction and force of rain.  Four holes like the one above will certainly leak.  It is just a matter of time.  This needs to be repaired now by removing the loops, pulling them back through the roof, and repairing the holes and shingles properly.  New shingles will be required as holes that are filled with caulking will not stay sealed for long.



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