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Improper Storage Of Building Materials - Do Unto Others...

Improper storage of building materials - do unto others...

The temperature during this morning pre-drywall inspection was 10F.  During the night before the temperature had dropped to 5F.

The drywall had already been loaded into the house.

Along with all the materials.

They had been in the house for a couple of days.

We had been having a real cold snap.  And daytime and night time temperatures were frigid.

As usual I had arrived at the house before my clients.

Looking around, when I got to the upper level, this is what I saw.

Drywall joint compound was there, in powder and in wet form.

And all four of the buckets you see in the photo were frozen solid.

This is what the label said about storing these buckets.  "To prevent spoilage and freezing, maintain temperature at a minimum of 50F..."

Kerosene heaters were already placed in the house to keep it warm after the drywall was installed and this joint compound used to finish the work.

Would the person delivering the sheetrock and materials for his house left the joint compound in sub-freezing temperatures for days?  Would the building supervisor for his house?

Certainly not.  Then do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

When I pointed this out to my clients I said that common sense would dictate that these buckets be protected from freezing, and that this joint compound could not be used.  How they can make sure of that I don't know.  But they should.

My recommendation:  this post is not to sound preachy.  To store materials in this way does not show common sense or good business practice.  It does not show a caring attitude.  And the builder's supervisor knows the schedule.  He knows when this was delivered and when it is due to be used on the walls.  He also knows the kind of weather we had been having.  This is not a good sign.  If I was buying this house I would wonder about many other things!



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