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Welcome To Our New House!

Welcome to our new house!

This is a new home.  Nobody has lived there yet.

When the buyers are invited by the builder to finally see it and have their final walk through, how would you like to walk up to your new front door and see this?

To top it off, when that "final" coat of paint was put on the temperatures outdoors were too cold.

Most exterior paints should not be applied when the outdoor temperature is under 50F, and the coat put on should dry completely before the temperature dips below 50F. 

For some paints that criterion is 55F.

Red paints are typically thinner because they require a neutral base.  To gain the red color requires a lot of pigment, and only a neutral-based paint, which is a very thin formula necessarily, can accept that much tint.

As such, red paints almost always require 3 coats.  Well, three coats of paint in the winter would usually mean three different days as when temperatures are colder it takes longer for the paint to dry.  If the paint is not completely dried when the door is closed, it will stick to the weather stripping and pull off when the door is opened.

You can get around that somewhat by putting a Scotch tape on the weather stripping (a seasoned and professional painter's trick) but most painters in today's construction crews (picked up at 7-11 for the day) would not know that.

And this door was a mess! 

I looked at the couples' faces when they walked up and saw the front door.  I did not have to say a word.  The couple asked, "Are they going to leave the door like this?"

My recommendation:  when building a new home things have to be done in the proper order, and under proper conditions.  But certainly, CERTAINLY, when the house is revealed you want it to have it's best face on!  A front door is the greeting to a house.  It should have some, um, curb and front-porch appeal!



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