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Doing More Than The Client Expects. The Slight Edge Business Model.

Doing more than the client expects.  The slight edge business model.

What is your business model?  Do you create a slight edge?

I think exceeding expectation is an important business model.  Or should be.

Clients have expectations in every business.  Are we, as business providers, doing less than the "code" so to speak, do we meet the "code" (meaning the minimum standard or expectation), or to we exceed the "code," attempting to provide best practices.

And what is this slight edge  thing?

On a recent new construction inspection my client was in London and unable to attend.  He wanted extra photos of how the place looked on final walk through because due to the builder's rules he had not been allowed into the property during construction, and was not there for the final walk through.

No problem.  So I took extra sweeping photos of everywhere.  I didn't include them on the report but sent them separately.

But my client had a particular concern.

He wanted to make sure the shower water temperature was okay.

Now I didn't know what that meant.

Does he like it extra hot?  Not so hot?  Is he like the girl in the Three Bears story and wanting it just right?  What's just right?

Again, I didn't know!

This is a condo and the master bath shower was a bit confined.  So I knew my thermal images would be somewhat narrow due to proximity.

Rather than just saying the temperature was this or that, I thought I'd put together a little thermal image panorama.

My computer program can take a number of thermal images and stitch them together into a solid image.

So I took four thermal images of the shower from the swinging door.  It was confined, but I thought I could create an understandable image.

Choosing a palette that would present the image in an artful way, I was able to demonstrate that the shower water was hitting the seat at about 108F.


To make a long story short, he was impressed, I received a very kind email, and all is well.  He wanted the temperature a bit hotter than that and can share that with the builder.  An adjustment on the electric water heater is a simple matter.

My recommendation:  doing the little things, going the extra mile, offering best practices, or whatever you want to call it, is a business model that stands out.  I think this habit gives a business the slight edge.  If everyone is doing the same thing, or offering the same service, how does one stand out?  By creating a slight edge  and exceeding expectations.  That slight edge,  in the long run, goes a long way.  The average score for 18 holes for the #1 golfer in the world is 68.8.  The average score for the #100 golfer in the world is 70.9, only 2 strokes higher!  Imagine the difference in earnings between #1 (Jordan Spieth) and #100 (Scott Brown)!  And, not to slight him because he is an outstanding golfer, how much media attention does Scott Brown get?  The slight edge  in golf is a big deal.  The slight edge  in any business is a big deal!



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Doing More Than The Client Expects. The Slight Edge Business Model.
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