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The Same "Remodeled" Kitchen - ANOTHER Wiring Disaster!!

Yes, it's the same, "Must see!", wonderfully "remodeled" kitchen.

This time it's the opposite side.

This view looks behind the new range and exhaust hood combo.

The white hole on the left is behind the new exhaust hood.  Apparently some Romex cable was dissected and its guts removed.  Those guts were used to connect the exhaust hood to electrical as three individual wires.  I was unable to determine where the yellow cable came from.  For all I know, it came from the light fixture in the bathroom above the kitchen!

But, hey!  AT LEAST ITS GROUNDED!!  And wire nuts!

That black cable services the range.  It comes through the ceiling inside the wall.  I found it in the bathroom closet above, exposed, running through each shelf.  From there it goes into the attic, across the house, to the opposite side.  It then goes down through bedroom walls, to the furnace room, and across the ceiling and into the panel box. 

It is connected to the old range breaker.  Many manufacturers now require that new breakers be installed with their new appliances or they will not honor the warranty.

The black cable goes down to the right, through a small hole in the wall and connects to the range outlet.  That outlet is on the floor, connected to nothing (it should be secured into a stud on the wall) and the range plug was upside down.  There was no anti tip on the range.

BEST OF ALL - see the curtain on the left?  This is in a "bedroom" closet fashioned behind the kitchen.  This house had 8 wonderful bedrooms.  In the back of that closet was a shelf, and behind the shelf that curtain.  I looked because I could see the cable coming through the wall behind the range and wanted to see its source.

My recommendation:  Don't listen to the wizard.  Pay close attention to the man behind the curtain!

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