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This Kitchen Cabinet Front Is A "Repair" In New Construction

This kitchen cabinet front is a "repair" in new construction.

Imagine buying a house for over 7 figures.  What would you expect?

The best?  Good but not the best?


During the great reveal is this what you, as the buyer, would want to encounter?

Obviously the kitchen "professionals" who put together this kitchen broke this cabinet front.

Now think carefully. 

Do you think any kitchen installer who was remodeling his own kitchen would install this front in his house?

What do you think his wife and family would think of his work?

To attempt to glue pieces back together, and then to fill the cracks with a putty not even close to the color of the cabinet front is pathetic.


And the supervisor, who works for a builder who says "you don't need a private home inspection because we and the county do zillions of inspections to make sure you get a good house," has seen this and apparently thinks it is appropriate to palm off on the buyer.

Now surely the buyers would have seen this sooner or later and demanded a repair.

But to find it during the home inspection is what we inspectors do!

My recommendation:  don't EVER think that because a house is new that it is error free!   And, as I have said and written many times, a Golden Rule business is a rare find.  The Golden Rule has been tarnished to the point that it is almost non-existent.  Would that this was not the case.  But alas!  You know what happens when you assume so don't assume you do not need a home inspection on new construction!



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