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Data Wires Can't Get Kinky

Data wires can't get kinky.

Pre-drywall inspections look at many things.  Some things most people would not think would be inspected.

A pre-drywall inspection is a very important to a house under construction because it is the only time the house can be seen in a skeletal condition.  And we can see everything!

In this case, first of all, the data line was supposed to be a CAT6 line, and it was CAT5E instead.

While there isn't a huge difference between the two, the client's contract did say CAT6, so that is what he wanted!

Secondly,  I had to look hard to see the kink at this location as it was on top of the roof rafter, but there it was.  You can see it in the cropped photo.  Looking further I found two other kinks in other locations.

And that is unacceptable!

Data lines come on a big spool.  When these lines are unspooled during installation they need to be taken care of!

Further, in this location, the data line is wrapped around two electric wires!

That is also unacceptable!

Data lines and electric wires should be kept separate everywhere, even in vertical runs along studs inside the wall.

Now, the "professional" data company is supposed to know all this.  The mix up between the CAT5E and CAT6 may not be the data company's fault, but this installation cannot be tolerated.

My client works out of his house and data was/is EXTREMELY important to him!  It has to be right.  And it's easier to fix now then later!

My recommendation:  you never know what you might find during a pre-drywall inspection, but this one was important.  Imagine how difficult it would be to rewire all this a couple of months from now after the client moved in and started working, only to find there were problems with his system!  As little thing this may seem to be, it would not have been found had there been no inspection on this house.  When the supervisor stopped by to "see how things were" we mentioned this, and I asked him what company did the installation.  He mentioned one I have never heard of.  I suggested he might consider a change because this was not careful work.



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